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What is a Candy Buffet?


Candy buffets are custom designed buffet tables with candy anterd desserts.  Imagine an elegant array of glass apothecary jars filled with gourmet candies and sweet treats. Each piece comes decorated with tailor made labels and ribbons all made up in your event theme. Doesn’t that sound amazing? We agree. A picture says a thousand words, so make sure you have a peek at our gallery.

Why should I have a candy buffet at my event?


Because it will make your event look extra amazing and it’s guaranteed to wow your guests. Candy Buffets and Dessert Tables are not only delicious ways to present sweet treats or offer as a party favor, they are a feature that will make the whole room look fantastic.  They add the perfect flair to any party, and also make amazing photos. If you want your guests to be blown away by your event, Modern Candy Buffet is the way to go!

Can we get the candy buffet to match my event colours and theme?


Definitely! This is what we are all about. Colours, themes and design are our forte. We can do elegant, fun, crazy, creative, corporate, or anything else you can think of. Everything will be tailor made to fit your event.  

Are candy buffets suitable for weddings?


Of course! In fact, candy buffets are perfect for weddings! If you want a unique and beautiful day that incorporates a fun and whimsical element, and also keeps your guests entertained and well-fed, then you definitely need a candy buffet at your wedding.

Can you provide candy buffets for children’s parties?


Absolutely! We cannot be emphatic enough in our answer to this. If you want your children to have the best party of their lives, invite us to come along. We can make an amazing Candy Buffet in any theme you could dream of. And we think you will find it is not just the children that will be eagerly lining up for candy!

Can you provide an attendant to maintain the candy buffet during the event?


Sometimes our Buffets and Dessert tables look so good, they can create a stampede. Not to worry! For $20 an hour we can provide specially trained candy buffet attendants. These amazing people will calm and soothe your guests and assure everyone that there is plenty to go around. They will also serve the candy, and keep everything topped up and looking spick and span. They are always friendly and wonderful- after all, they are surrounded by a lot of sweetness!

Who is responsible for setting up the candy buffet, taking down and cleaning up?

We do it all unless other arrangements are made. We will arrive prior to the start of the event and get everything set up and looking perfect. Afterwards, we will quickly and quietly pack it all away and vanish without a trace. All we will leave behind are bundles of any remaining candy that we will package up and leave for you in a convenient place. 

What are the table & linen requirements?


Candy and Desserts is serious stuff! So it is essential that you have a strong solid table to support the buffet and the glassware. If you don’t have tables, we can bring a standard 6 feet table at an additional cost. We can supply linens too (if hiring a venue, please check if they supply these things).

How much candy do you provide?


Let us know your guest numbers and we will bring the perfect amount (and you will usually have some leftovers to take home)


Can the candy buffet be set up outdoors?


Yes! A garden, a patio, a waterfront, a park, you name it. A candy buffet can be set up anywhere providing the area for the table and the space around it is completely level. Steep hillsides are not recommended.

Do you require bookings and a deposit?


Yes, we do require a minimum notice of 3 weeks notice to book our Designed for You Packages. There is a 50% deposit at the time of booking. The remaining 50% is due on or by the date of the event. What areas do you cover? Modern Candy Buffet proudly services the whole greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley region. Cost may vary dependent on the location of the venue.

What happens if there are breakages or missing items?

Upon set up, we will walk you through a checklist of all items delivered. We do encourage careful handling of all items due to its fragile nature of the glass apothecary jars. A refundable damage/security deposit is required and is returned upon original condition with no missing items.

Do you only offer candy?

No. In addition to candy, we also offer cake pops, cookies, marshmallow pops, cake truffles and cupcakes with a minimum order of 2 dozen. We can source anything, really! Just contact us!

How much does a candy buffet or dessert table cost?

View our packages or a-la-carte services or contact us for more information.

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